Spanish typical food restaurant in Barcelona

Typical Spanish Food Restaurant in Barcelona

If you are coming to Spain you definitely are going to taste one of the best and most varied cuisines in the world, with unique and fresh mix of ingredients of all kinds that get combined in typical dishes and food that is beyond delicious, all of them having a valuable and perceivable touch of culture that can only be tasted in Spain.

From paellas, tapas and tortillas to sangría and Iberian ham, the Spanish typical food is rich in taste and variety, involving ingredients from the country and other nations to create the best typical dishes around the world, having a great impact and relevance thanks to the tourism and the millions of people that come every year to Spain, in part because of such delicious food.

Because of this, there are plenty of restaurants in Spain offering the typical food of the country, with more or less success and with different approaches. Nevertheless, just a few of them manage to catch the real flavor, taste and implied culture of every typical dish to offer it to the local and foreign diners, excluding a typical Spanish food restaurant in Barcelona that achieve this precious gold; La Cala Restaurant in the Catalan region.

La Cala Restaurant: the best typical spanish food

La Cala Restaurant is a highlighted eating place in the city of Barcelona, where diners will have the placer to taste the most delicious food of the country, involving the classic traditional flavor of the best local and foreign ingredients and the intrinsic culture of such traditional dishes, providing visitors one of the most incredible experiences regarding local Spanish cuisine.

In details, our restaurant specializes in traditional and typical Spanish food, our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients of quality and cooked by talented chefs and assistants with extensive academic and practical preparation in the Spanish and international cuisine worlds, ensuring expertise in specialties of the country and overseas with innovative and unique taste.

For example, if you are looking for to taste a delicious paella or a delicious tortilla, while you wait enjoying some great tapas and a cold sangría, the best place to do so is in La Cala Restaurant, located in La Barcelonita neighborhood, Carrer de la Reina Cristina 2, 08003, Barcelona. That offers you a traditional and comfortable environment with a large outside space to enjoy our dishes freely.

In the same way, apart from offering the best traditional Spanish cuisine in Barcelona, we also offer you the opportunity to taste international food like extensive menu of pizzas, pastas and fish.

Also, we have a great selection of cocktails to have a good time with friends and family, specialties in breakfasts and coffees made with the most caring and love of all Spain that you can enjoy in our outdoor terrace, with a permanent table reserved for you thanks to our reservation service online that is always available.

Enjoy the most extensive Spanish typical food menus

In La Cala Restaurant you will be able to enjoy of the most varied and great Spanish traditional food menus, including also cocktails and drinks, coffees and breakfasts, as well as an extensive selection of international and local dishes that are available for you to try anytime.

To begin with, we have a great selection of tapas as one of the most important and relevant parts of the Spanish cuisine, being La Cala the best place to enjoy of elaborated and traditional snacks you can have while you wait for the main course, or if you want to eat something as you drink a delicious cocktail.

For example, we have ham and cheese-based tapas like tapa Choice of Iberian Sausage and Tapa Hard Cheese, as well as salad snacks that include Russian and Greek salads and the very well-known Patatas “All I Olli” as a dish prepared with potatoes and garlic mayonnaise.

Of course, there are other tapas based on seafood, hot tapas or snack based on meat, chicken or Galician sausage. If you like, you can taste delicious tortillas or omelets as appetizers as well like Spinach Omelette or Omelette Paisan Style.

Moving to the main course, in La Cala you can choose from paellas, fish and pasta to meat, pizza and combined dishes that work excellent if you want to try many Spanish and international specialties at once.

Paellas are excellent to enjoy in family and our restaurant provides you with many choices, such as Paella Marisco with squid, shrimps, mussels, cuttlefish, Norway lobster and sweet pepper, or the incredible pizza Fideguay with cheese, oregano, ham, mozzarella, mushrooms and bacon.

Other specialties in rice available are risotto and Arroz Negro or Black Rice, while the menu also includes delicious dishes of pasta and pizza, being La Cala Restaurant the perfect choice for local Spanish and international cuisine in Barcelona.

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