Spanish tapas restaurant in Barcelona

Where to eat Spanish Tapas in Barcelona?

If you are a tourist and you are coming to Spain and especially to Barcelona, you definitely should try to eat tapas, one of the most known and traditional dishes in the Catalan region, with so many restaurants available that focus on this type of preparation that is perfect to enjoy while having a drink and the main course arrives to the table.

Now, regardless of how many options and restaurants offer tapas in Barcelona, there is only one place that provides you with almost homemade preparations with the best local ingredients that envelope the real culture and classic taste of tapas; we are talking about La Cala Restaurant, the ideal meeting point in Barcelona city when it comes to this cuisine topic.

When it comes to enjoy tapas in Barcelona, there is definitively no better place than La Cala Restaurant to do so, offering an extensive menu that includes dishes prepared with local and foreign ingredients of the best quality, going from:

  • Iberian ham
  • cheeses and chorizo to tender meat
  • seafood
  • Mediterranean vegetables
  • spanish olives
  • omelette

Let us talk a little more about our restaurant La Cala and what it has to offer in terms of tapas or snacks, and how we became one of the best, if not the best restaurant to taste this type of dish in the Catalan region. Then, we will talk more about what tapas are and a little bit of their history, in order to know how they became so important for Spanish cuisine.

La Cala Restaurant as the best place for tapas in Barcelona

If you are interested in tapas and overall Spanish cuisine, our restaurant La Cala is the perfect place for you to visit in Barcelona, with a group of chefs and talented people that feel excited about offering the best dishes of Spain with an innovative touch, along the best local and foreign ingredients and our outstanding attention.

We have designed an extensive and complete tapas menu for you to choose including fresh and quality ingredients of different types. For example, you can try our seafood-based tapas like Cuttlefish, small octopus on their sauce, quid rings, fresh anchovies with vinegar and Galician-style octopus.

Now, if you are in Spain you must try the delicious hams and cheese we are known for, so in La Cala Restaurant we offer you a whole tapas menu based on cooked products of this kind, with dishes like Tapa local cured ham, Tapa choice of Iberian sausages, Tapa Iberian loin and Reserva dish fish.

But If you are on the vegan side, in our restaurant you will have no problem eating tapas, since we have salad snacks based on vegetable that are delicious and quite fresh, such as russian salad, summer salad, greek salad and potatoes with garlic mayonnaise, among other options.

And last but not least, you can enjoy in La Cala Restaurant other menus referred to hot tapas and specials, including dishes like croquettes of cured ham, spicy chicken trips, chicken wings, potatoes with hot sauce, stuffed olives and portion bread with tomatoes.

Of course, you will be able to find other dishes as main courses and desserts that make a perfect combination with tapas, with preparations based on meat, fish, pasta, paella and pizza, along with specialties of the house.

Knowing more about tapas

In essence, tapas or snacks are small bites or appetizers that work as starters before main course or dish arrives to the table. Nonetheless, while in some countries snacks are perceived as informal or basic food to start eating as the main course is coming, in other countries like Spain appetizers or tapas are as important as the whole meal and in fact are a true referent for the Spanish cuisine.

For example, tapas are the frequent choice for events and parties, as well as the frequent dish to have while we are having a drink and a good time with friends. In some regions, restaurants offer a free tapa if the client does not ask for one while they are waiting on the table for someone or for the main course to be brought.

Now, tapas being as important for Spanish cuisine and the traditional and touch of elegance as they are, many of these dishes are quite elaborated, having in many restaurants a whole tapas menu for diners just as La Cala Restaurant does it.

In terms of history, there are a few legends about the origin of tapas in Spanish cuisine. First, there is the story about a canteen in Andalusia in the XIX century where they started to offer drinks with ham or cheese tops on the glass for flies not to touch the inside.

Second, other story claimed that King Fernando VII on his road to Cadiz ask for a cup in a restaurant and came with a top or “Tapa” to protect the wine from dust and insects. While these are legends, the most reliable tapas story is that they started as appetizers for workers in XIX and XX centuries that needed to eat something before lunch time arrived.

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